A new player in the italian asset management scene

IMPact SIM arouse out of the entrepreneurial insight of Fausto Artoni, Stefano Mach and Gherardo Spinola – three leading investment professionals recognised for their wealth of experience in the Italian asset management field. The three founders launched the venture with the objective of creating a new independent centre of excellence in the asset management industry.

Thanks to the diversified multi-asset class expertise of the investment management team, IMPact enables its clients to access both traditional asset classes and innovative financial products, with a strong focus on the value-for-money profile of the investment services provided.

The objective is to intercept investors’ needs within a market that is undergoing profound regulatory change.

IMPact offers delegated fund management and advisory, discretionary wealth management and fund distribution services for institutional, corporate and private investors, as well as for family offices.

IMPact’s cornerstones

Recognised investment expertise

The IMPact investment management team, led by Gherardo Spinola, has garnered a strong reputation over many years with a consistent track record of high performance on the main asset classes, with specific expertise in Italian and international equity, in addition to corporate hybrid bonds and optional instruments.

Direct relationship between client and investment management team

Although it is often difficult for investors to develop a direct relationship with the managers of their assets, IMPact fosters a relationship between the investment management team and the client that is based on transparent communication.

Entrepreneurship based on shared value

In addition to adopting an investment management approach aligned with the most internationally consolidated practices in the field of sustainable finance, IMPact bases its operations on the idea that corporate value creation can also be systematically leveraged to serve societal needs. Accordingly, IMPact has established a legally binding obligation in its Articles of Association requiring that at least 50% of its annual profits must be used to fund social initiatives.


Fausto Artoni

Chairman of the Board

Fausto is Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMPact SIM. He started his career as an Italian Equity Sales Associate in 1982 and in 1994 he moved to Indosuez – Crédit Agricole, where he served as Lead Equity Fund Manager.

In 1998 he became Investment Co-Director of the Azimut Group’s flexible funds, as well as of its Italian equity funds. During his years with the Azimut Group, he was also appointed member of the Investment Committee and sat on the Board of Directors of a number of group companies.

Fausto has a Master’s degree in Economics.

After 20 years spent working together as investment managers, Stefano, Gherardo and I realised we needed new challenges to keep on enhancing our professional skillsets. Our feeling is that the time is ripe to put our weight behind a company that can provide high-quality investment services and is, at the same time, founded on the idea that corporate value creation can systematically serve not only the needs of our clients, but also those of society at large.

Stefano Mach

Chief Executive Officer

Stefano is Co-Founder and CEO of IMPact SIM.

His career began in the financial markets in 1986 and for over 20 years he worked as a Milan-based broker for leading Italian and international financial institutions.

In 2008 he was appointed Senior Fund Manager at the Azimut Group, where he sat, at different times, on the Investment Committee and on the Board of Directors. As Senior Fund Manager, he designed and successfully launched innovative financial products based on a dynamic multi-asset management approach, encompassing both bonds and equity, with a specific focus on optional instruments.

Stefano has a Master’s degree in Economics.

Over a number of years, Fausto, Gherardo and I grew increasingly confident with the idea of launching our own entrepreneurial venture. We wanted to combine in a coherent way our investment skills with direct client relationships, and to do so within a socially engaged business model in the asset management industry. As sometimes happens in life, when the opportunity presented itself, we decided to grasp it and went on to found IMPact SIM.

Gherardo Spinola

Chief Investment Officer

Gherardo is Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of IMPact SIM.

He started out at Euromobiliare SpA in 1989 as portfolio manager for High Net Worth (HNW) investors.

In 1991 he was appointed Senior Fund Manager of balanced funds at the Azimut Group. In 1993 he became Lead Fund Manager of the newly launched Trend Fund, the first Italian flexible fund. His investment expertise is particularly strong in relation to international equity. During his time at the Azimut Group, he also served as Investment Co-Director and sat on the Board of Directors.

Gherardo has a Master’s degree in Economics.

I decided to found IMPact, together with Fausto and Stefano, guided by the idea that – after 30 years spent enhancing my professional skills as an asset manager – the time had come to set up my own business venture. The objective of this endeavour is to create an investment management company that would have what it takes not only to meet clients’ expectations, but also to respond to society’s most pressing needs.

Corporate governance

Board of Directors

  • Fausto Artoni Chairman
  • Stefano Gelatti Mach de Palmstein CEO
  • Gherardo Spinola Director and CIO
  • Massimo Lanza Independent Director
  • Paola Mignani Independent Director
  • Alberto Bellora Director
  • Alessandro Tonni Director and CFO

Board of Statutory Auditors

  • Marco Moroni Chairman
  • Gianpaolo Carnago Member
  • Enrico Tamborini Member