Stefano Mach

Stefano Mach

Stefano is Co-Founder and CEO of IMPact SIM.

His career began in the financial markets in 1986 and for over 20 years he worked as a Milan-based broker for leading Italian and international financial institutions.

In 2008 he was appointed Senior Fund Manager at the Azimut Group, where he sat, at different times, on the Investment Committee and on the Board of Directors. As Senior Fund Manager, he designed and successfully launched innovative financial products based on a dynamic multi-asset management approach, encompassing both bonds and equity, with a specific focus on optional instruments.

Stefano has a Master’s degree in Economics.

Over a number of years, Fausto, Gherardo and I grew increasingly confident with the idea of launching our own entrepreneurial venture. We wanted to combine in a coherent way our investment skills with direct client relationships, and to do so within a socially engaged business model in the asset management industry. As sometimes happens in life, when the opportunity presented itself, we decided to grasp it and went on to found IMPact SIM.