Delegated Fund Management

IMPact provides delegated fund management services for institutional clients.

The added value of delegated fund management services is based on the qualified expertise of the investment management team, led by Gherardo Spinola as Chief Investment Officer.

The management style is active and geared towards generating above-benchmark risk-adjusted returns.

The main objective is to identify and implement the most efficient asset allocation, in light of the risk-return parameters set by the client.

IMPact offers an all-comprehensive investment process management, having internalised the trading desk, middle office and compliance functions.

Specifically, institutional clients have access to the following dedicated services:

  • monitoring of investment compliance thresholds;
  • in-house execution;
  • in-house settlement management;
  • periodic analysis and reporting on performance and investment decision-making;
  • training and sales support for client’s investment product distribution networks, with the objective to facilitate the communication on the rationale behind investment decisions.


IMPact’s advisory services for institutional clients has the objective to provide specialised advice across a broad range of asset classes.

The advisory solutions encompass recommendations on strategic and tactical asset allocation and on portfolio structuring, with a focus on both fundamental and macroeconomic analysis.

Specifically, the advisory service includes:

  • structuring model investment portfolios, as well as providing model asset allocation strategy advice and targeted tactic stock-picking recommendations;
  • periodic scenario and portfolio analysis;
  • training and direct sales support for client’s investment product distribution networks, with the objective to facilitate the communication on the rationale behind investment decisions, asset allocation and on prevailing macroeconomic conditions.

Defining features of delegated fund management and advisory services

Co-design of investment solutions

Having been active on financial markets for over 20 years, IMPact’s investment management team has been able to generate a consistent performance track record over time, proving multi-asset class investment expertise idiosyncratic of each portfolio manager’s investment style.

The team has successfully adapted its investment style to prevailing market conditions and thanks to such versatility the performance track record has been consistent over a 20-year period.

Performance reporting is customizable based to client’s needs.

Furthermore, the investment management team is available on-demand to support the client’s salesforce with meetings and videocalls in interpreting macroeconomic conditions, in order to facilitate the communication on and explanation of strategic and tactic asset allocation choices.

Securities selection based on proprietary models

By combining complementary investment expertise, the investment management team has over time developed proprietary securities valuation and investment decision-making models for different market scenarios. Such models are used to orientate securities selection process, as they take into account both fundamental and technical analysis factors, with an overweighting of those variables deemed to be relatively more sensitive to short-term macroeconomic conditions.

Investment decisions are taken by factoring in proprietary model outputs into the continuous competitive debate among portfolio managers. Based on the outcomes of this decision-making process, the investment management team creates the optimal portfolio-level asset allocation, in the light of the risk/return profile of the delegated managed fund.

Independent investment decision-making

IMPact’s equity ownership structure, which is fully controlled by the founding investment managers, allows to make investment decisions and adopt securities selection process fully independent from large banking and financial groups.

Furthermore, the absence of performance fees coherently aligns IMPact’s business development and growth potential to clients’ interests, allowing IMPact’s portfolio managers to focus on long-term value creation investment strategies.

Market views and investment decisions are made as a result of a continuous debate among IMPact’s portfolio managers, whose investment styles stem from complementary multi-asset class expertise.